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SzóKiMondóka is a methodology that promotes literacy from an early age in a fun and interactive way which also creates opportunities for parents to play with their children using words, songs and rhymes. In today’s picture oriented world we bring the world of words closer to children in a playful way. We introduce the world to them word by word.


Words fuel imagination, pictures — while they provide examples, ultimately help form a limited belief if left unaccompanied by language


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How are we different and why?

Szókimondóka Játékcsomag Család tartalma

In each product we introduce a thematic collection of words that we teach to 1-7 years old children. We blend the text with the illustrations. The thematic words are highlighted and next to them their meanings are illustrated. The child says the word as it comes up in the story, based on the illustration. Their visual memory develops as well, while they view the shape of the word. This experience is a building block of reading.

Zozo and the hairjungle by János Lackfi:

Check out our

campaing that we organized to publish our second kit, but the first one of the kit series, the

Family kit

With our most comprehensive product the SzóKiMondóka kit takes the child’s experience of word play to the next level.

The child SEES the word, HEARS the word, SAYS the word, then ACTS OUT the meaning of the word. The words are then connected to a song or a rhyme and put into context in various situations.

The kits feature:

  • interactive shortfilm
  • storybook by János Lackfi
  • parental guide
  • word cards

The Family kit achieved the Game of the Country award in developmental category the year after it was published.

The Kit Series

Each kit introduces an element through the corresponding set of words and the six chapter series takes us through the four seasons, all the body parts, colors and more. The kit provides playful learning through an interactive film, which features native songs and rhymes along with a storybook which all highlight the same set of words.

SzóKiMondóka books

Check out this intro video about our first kit, the Daycare kit.

Since this video was made, we finished the production of our 6 chapter kit series and also have 3 sets of book series:



We choose our themes with the focus on how children get to know the world around them, word by word, step by step.

Songs and rhymes are an essential part of SzóKiMondóka. You can find them in the films of the kits and in the books as well:

  • they help language development through musicality
  • they provide a bonding and meaningful experience for parent and child
  •  the rhymes encourage the playfulness of language
  • native rhymes teach kids about their culture
  • songs and rhymes are fun way to teach new words

In our books we use interactive signs to:

  • involve the child in the story
  • help the child draw conclusions from the story
  • trigger conversations between the parent and child

SzóKiMondóka’s books are well suited for the all important “lap time” between parent and child. Because of the interactive nature of our books it creates an ideal “emotional gas station” for the child.

Other products

We have 2 Subsription Services

Online Club with 280 Activities in 7 Modules:

  1. Games
  2. Films
  3. Songs
  4. Rhymes
  5. Activity sheets
  6. Stories
  7. Coloring sheets

24 months long program:

  • every month a new product
  • every day activities to play along with it


 About us

The debut of the proprietary SzóKiMondóka methodology is in the Hungarian language and culture. Currently SzóKiMondóka is supported and endorsed by:

  • Dr. Annamária Kádár (leading child developmental psychologist), Dr. Silvia Harday (leading social psychologist), Tímea Szabó-Zsedely (US based linguist, psychologist, language preservation expert), János Lackfi (best selling, award winning children’s story book writer), Veronaki (reknowned Hungarian band, writing, producing, performing children’s music).
  • Facebook, over 21000 followers
  • distribution in over 100 stores in Hungary, in the Unites States (expat market) and orders worldwide (Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.)
  • outreach: workshops, lectures, events
  • Social Media: YouTube channel, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram
  • weekly newsletter and blog (over 2000 subscribers)
  • website


We are looking for

Now, that SzóKiMondóka is available all over in Hungary, our next step is to enter the international market. We are looking for partners to help achieve this.

  • International relationships: To extend distribution of the SzóKiMondóka methodology into other territories, cultures, languages, where there exists a desire to connect children’s content with their specific world.
  • Licensing agreements: In both publishing and distribution.
  • Other partners: To distribute our Hungarian products abroad.


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